My miniature obsession began in early 2017 when I renovated an old dollhouse and fell in love with the whole process of bringing it back to life.  I started an Instagram account just for my dollhouse and a lady asked if she could buy it and that led to another renovation and another. Next I made a little flower shop I named Lavender Belle followed by a cake shop and continued renovating dollhouses. 

I opened an Etsy shop in July 2017 as demand grew for my miniatures and I was being asked over and over if I sell them. After a busy couple of years on Etsy I opened my own shop here on my website in May 2019 where I continued to have periodic shop openings selling miniatures. I am now selling finished and furnished roomboxes and houses to collectors all over the world.  

I love the interior design aspect of this hobby and I decorate them as if it was my own big house. To be able to combine all the elements of a big house renovation in a miniature scale is the part I love most.  I am a carpenter, brick layer, stone mason, painter, interior designer and many other trades while I sit at a desk with no hassles or stress (unlike a real life renovation!) and I can experiment with different styles and colours. 

My motto is 'Miniature Touch of Elegance' and this applies to my big home and my miniatures. I love the French, Hamptons, English and Farmhouse styles of decorating and creating elegant interiors in miniature.  I always look to real life inspiration for my mini homes and find that I tend to default to rustic farmhouse style with a touch of french elegance, neither ultra modern or too fancy.

I build or renovate dollhouses and roomboxes and post the progress on my Instagram page @lavenderbelle_miniatures where you can follow along with each new project, see where my inspiration comes from and sometimes I show how I make things. 

I have worked in 1:12 scale until recently when I renovated a 1:24 scale dollhouse and I have fallen in love with this smaller scale. It's definitely more fiddly but I love the challenge of half scale realism!

I decided to do what I enjoy most and that is building, renovating and decorating houses rather than selling individual miniatures in my shop.  Due to demand my shop openings were crazy busy, a frenzy of shopping which took away the enjoyment of my miniature world.  I know this will disappoint many of my customers but I also find selling individual miniatures doesn't satisfy my creativity like doing finished houses.  
This also means that the houses I sell are truly unique, much of the decor I make myself so can't be found anywhere else. 

From 2022 I am currently taking a break while renovating my own big house, a heritage listed beauty. I’m not sure when my mini studio will be ready, everything is packed away in boxes still. But in the meantime I am painting! You can see my art on Instagram @art_by_vonelle or www.artbyvonelle.com. 

Thank you for visiting,

Vonelle x


PS.  Sorry I do not accept commissions or custom orders as I like to work at my own pace with no pressure. When each house is finished they usually sell privately before I have the chance to publicly list them.  

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